Building your Neurodivergent identity

What is it ?

Embark on a transformative journey with our ‘Building Your Neurodivergent Identity’ group programs, thoughtfully crafted to empower Neurodivergent individuals of all ages.
With four separate versions, tailored for Autistic/ADHDer kids, teens, adults, and parents of Autistic/ADHDers, this six-session program is designed to provide psychoeducation on the Autistic/ADHD neurotypes and the characteristics associated with these neurotypes, while also fostering connections between those with similar neurotypes.

What does it cover ?

Topics covered in this group program include:

  • Understanding Autism/ADHD
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Energy Accounting
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Sensory Differences

Plus, each participant receives a 100-page full-colour handbook, a comprehensive guide to supplement their learnings during the program. This will be posted to all participants of the online programs, to ensure no one misses out.

Where is it ?

I am offering these programs in person at our clinic in Ballina, NSW and online – to ensure there are options for everyone.

Not a fan of group settings?
I’ve got you covered with an individualised version of the program content.
This is run in a one-on-one format over four one-hour sessions.

When is it happening?

2024 June-December Group Program Schedule (as of June 2024).
Note: This is subject to change, based on demand.

Kids Program (in person): 8th July – 5th August 2024
Adults Program (in person): 12th August – 16th September 2024
Adults Program (online): 23rd September – 28th October 2024
Parents Program (online): 4th November – 9th December 2024

* Program sessions are typically held on a Monday afternoon, between midday and 5:00pm. Occasionally, sessions may be offered between 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

Individual Programs will be run on an as-needed basis as time allows.

How much is it ?

The cost of this program is $750 (group program) and $1000 (individual program).
This amount must be paid prior to the program commencing.
NDIS funding may cover program costs, depending on plan goals and funding.

How do I sign up ?

To express interest or seek further information, fill out the form below.