‘Square Me, Round World’ Hardcover Book

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‘Square Me, Round World’ is a 100+ page hardcover book containing seven beautifully illustrated fictional stories, exploring common experiences of those who find it hard to fit in.

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‘Square Me, Round World’ is an illuminating collection of short stories that delve into the distinctive experiences of those who navigate life feeling like square pegs in a world of round holes. From social challenges to sensory differences, this book aims to foster greater empathy, understanding, and a drive for a more inclusive world.

ISBN: 978-0-646-88697-8 (Hardcover)

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Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole? Dive into tales of growing up in a world where you just don’t seem to fit in. From the challenges of making friends and masking your authentic self, to the overwhelm of sensory overload and restless nights, these stories will resonate with those who know what it’s like to feel different.

Written by Chelsea Luker, an Autistic/ADHDer psychologist from NSW, Australia (and founder of Connect Us Psychology) with over 50 illustrations by Eliza Fricker [(c) Eliza Fricker, 2024], renowned author/illustrator of “Thumbsucker” and “Can’t Not Won’t”, this book is more than just a collection of experiences. It’s a beacon of understanding, shining light on common experiences of Autistic and ADHDer individuals. Plus, with a discussion guide, it’s the perfect option for parents, teachers, and therapists seeking to support and connect.

Discover, understand, and embrace the square pegs in our round world. Suitable for children and adults alike, this book is a reminder that different isn’t less. It’s just different—and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, sometimes, it’s brilliant.

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5 reviews for ‘Square Me, Round World’ Hardcover Book

  1. Victoria

    I read “Square Me, Round World” in one sitting. The stories cover every aspect of what it can feel like to be Autistic ADHD. The stories are both accessible for children and helpful for adults. I bought two copies of the book for me and my neurodivergent extended family. Thank you Chelsea for writing such a helpful book. I’m so glad that neurodivergent people no longer have to suffer being misunderstood by themselves and others. I highly recommend this book as a simple, quick way to understand neurodivergent friends and loved ones.

  2. Shannon

    I found this book, ‘Square Me, Round World’, so insightful into the daily experiences of Autistic and ADHDer individuals. The book fosters understanding and empathy, as well as an appreciation for the richness of neurodiversity, and paves the way for more meaningful connections and dialogue.

  3. Samantha

    This book is so essential to both children, teenagers and adults alike. It gives the reader an insight into the uniqueness of those with Autism and ADHD. I’ve found it powerful for teaching my toddlers that even though people have differences, we all belong.

  4. Amy

    This is a profoundly moving book that my child has been able to see themselves in. It has given them a greater understanding of their AuDHD experience, as well as the comfort in knowing that it’s not just them who feels like the characters in the stories.

    I pre-ordered 3 books to start with based on wildly positive reviews, and have ordered another 3, so we can share this experience with more people.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Amiee



    Chelsea Luker is a delightful Autistic / ADHDer Australian Psychologist, and this is her first (hopefully not last!) book – just released!

    Isla and I saw down to read the first two stories today; “Feeling Different” and “Finding Your Flock”. The dinosaur and owl tributes in my post are in recognition of these beautiful characters.

    The stories were relatable – for both Isla and I.

    I felt SEEN.

    The characters are speaking of both my childhood AND adulthood experiences of being different, not fitting in, and feeling like I don’t belong.

    AND they are normalising that difference is NOT less, and often can lead to amazing strengths that contibute to the world.

    They also help us realise that finding your tribe can take time, but once we find them we are ACCEPTED and UNDERSTOOD for our unique identity.

    That our communication style, our body engagement and our behaviour might be different to neurotypical folk, BUT it essentially reflects cultural differences in relating.

    Chelsea’s stories sparked conversations between us about the problem with the “whole body listening” concept at schools and workplaces, and also exploring both our preferences for unmasked communication.

    Thank you to Chelsea for giving us stories to gently face and challenge our internalised ableist beliefs and to support conversations with our children that affirms their neurodivergent identities and their place in the world.

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