ALL.THE.THINGS: ‘Square Me, Round World’ Hardcover Book, eBook, and Audiobook


Explore “Square Me, Round World” in three different formats to encourage your child on their journey of self-discovery. Offering flexibility and convenience for all learning and sensory needs.

Hardcover book shipping available to Australian and New Zealand residents. Immediate download of ebook and audiobook.


Parent’s Bundle: Square Me, Round World

Best value for hardcover, ebook and audiobook for parents of Neurodivergent (e.g. Autistic or ADHD) children

Written by Chelsea Luker, an Autistic/ADHDer psychologist from NSW, Australia, this collection of stories is a soft landing for parents looking for understanding, empathy and encouragement.

With illustrations by Eliza Fricker (author/illustrator of “Thumbsucker” and “Can’t Not Won’t”), this book is an engaging and warm resource for children and adults alike.

In hardcover, ebook and audiobook, your children can access shared experiences however they choose.

It’s like special interest joy ramped up with extra warm
fuzzy tummy flips and a big gentle hug.

Happy Mum from the UK

What makes it special?

  • Suitable for adults and children (reading age most suited to 6-12 years)
  • Neurodiversity-affirming
  • Discussion guide to help support your child
  • Digital formats for immediate and easy access
  • Responsive ebook viewing on any device
  • Audiobook format for those who prefer listening to reading
  • Helps build imagination and listening skills


Hardcover Book

  • 108 pages
  • 6” x 9” hardcover 
  • 50+ black and white illustrations
  • Full colour cover and end pages
  • Free additional 40+ page digital Information Guide included.


  • 108 pages
  • ePub format


  • Mp3 file
  • 49.09mins 
  • Narrated by C.M Bilson

Discover, understand, and embrace the square pegs in our round world. Suitable for children and adults alike, these stories are a reminder that different isn’t less. It’s just different—and that’s perfectly okay.
In fact, sometimes, it’s