‘Square Me, Round World’ eBook


Written to resonate with those who struggle to fit in, the ebook version of “Square Me, Round World” features over 100 pages, and delightful illustrations, to tell the important story that being different doesn’t mean being less.

Note: This is a digital product.

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Square Me, Round World Ebook

The perfect ebook to explore the experiences of Neurodivergent individuals

This unique ebook edition of “Square Me, Round World”, offers a fresh perspective on resources celebrating Autism and neurodiversity. 

With seven engaging stories, this ebook shares a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Promoting inclusivity and common experiences of looking at the world through a different lens, this collection will empower adults and children alike.

I rarely come across great resources that are aimed at slightly older Neurodivergent kids – with relatable and easily accessible language and themes- one step up from a picture book.

All clinicians should have this book. Older primary teachers should use it with their classes. Parents with Neurodivergent kids 7+ should give it a read with their kids. Every library needs a copy.

Emily Hammond

Speech Pathologist, Neurowild

What makes it special?

  • Digital format for immediate and easy access
  • Responsive viewing on any device


  • 108 pages
  • ePub format

Enjoy the transformative power of the Square Me, Round World eBook and join us in celebrating the unique perspectives that enrich our world.
Because, being different is being extraordinary.